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Friday, November 6, 2015

Lake Stafford Walk

 I am in a race this weekend, won't be very fast, probably will walk the whole thing but that's OK.  But because of this I made up a workout plan and been sticking to it fairly well.  Monday and Fridays I walk short distances (getting longer as race day gets closer) and Tuesday and Wednesday I been biking (going about 7 miles each day) and since the race is on a Saturday I been making that my long day, starting at 1 mile and increasing half mile every week till this week will be 5 miles perfect for race day.

Anyways I been bored at home walking so every time I go to town I been walking on the trails there.  A couple weeks ago we walked in Brooks around Stafford Lake, its not that big but it was nice and Neil walked it with me.
(Neil walking, good thing hes not speeding......
really that's the Number 1 highway up there,
 doesn't seem that close when walking as it looks)

(Lighthouse from across the lake)

(Weird seed pods on this tree, I think its a Willow)

(Geese and ducks on the rock islands)

(Closer view of the lighthouse)

(And we had to get our pic by it, Neil)

(And Neil got me, but he zoomed in and missed the whole lighthouse)

It even has a lighthouse!  Not a very big one but its there.  I think it housed the pump cause they used to have a fountain there is the summer, not sure what happened cause I haven't seen it for a couple years.  And there was still geese and ducks on the lake.  Pretty cool place overall.  I think it was only 2.3 miles around but still a change of view.


Country Gal said...

That's awesome your biking and walking it is very rewarding isn't it ? . I walk every day with my Miggs and we both enjoy it so much , walking in our valley with all the nature before we know it we have walked a few miles and Miggs is no slow walker either as she chases every smell whilst she is on her leash . I did ride my bike this year but not as much as I wanted to but come next summer I hope to get a bike ride in every day for at least a few miles as well as our walks . Good luck on race day and if anything just have fun ! Thanks for sharing , lovely photos . Have a good weekend !

Shirley said...

Good for you- and it shows that you are getting more fit. Hope you do well in the race today!

fernvalley01 said...

nice area! looks like a great place to walk!

lisa said...

What a nice walk!

Janice said...

Look'n good.