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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ooops It's Sunday Today

Well I guess this week being gone so much I am so confused about what day it is and I thought yesterday was Sunday  till after lunch sometime when Neil asked if I want to go to breakfast in East Coulee which is always on the last Sunday of the month.

But that's OK, I would rather be a day ahead than a day behind, which it feels like I always am.  But it was so worth it to take time off to watch the Supreme every year.  It is always the best of the best competing there and so good.  we watched a lot of the cutting and a little of the fence work for cowhorse.  So much fun watching and getting into it, the crowd is so fun to be around when they get excited.

We didnt stay for the horse sale which is probly a good thing, I don't need any more horses there and if I was looking for a young performance horse unlikely I would buy at a sale anyways.  So that was nice and we got home a little earlier that way.  I kinda woulda liked to stay for Saturday and all the finals but that was a pretty long week already but maybe next year.

So after breakfast we headed to Drum for a few items we needed and then back home again and I hope to get all my bricks tore out this afternoon so I can get Neil to help me put in the posts for the deck I have been so slow on building.  But as long as the posts are in I can still work on it in the winter if its warm enough out then have it ready for next summer rather than having it all wrecked for weeks during the summer.

So I guess life goes back to normal for a while, I still do plan on going and watching the cutting in Calgary, which is October 10-14th, and we have a couple community trail rides coming up and still wanna work with Jazz and so hopefully I have a little time left before it really gets to be winter.  And I looked up the winter series which doesn't start till Dec 29 which makes me sad I thought it started end of October, and I want to go to them even though I am sure I miss at least one when we are away on vacation in Feb.


fernvalley01 said...

Kind of sorry I missed it , I was there such a short time last year, but really enjoyed it

Shirley said...

I watched some of the Supreme on the internet, but got too busy. Wanted to watch the reining. I think we should do another blogger day at the Supreme next year.

lisa said...

I would love to see what Shirley suggested! I mentioned more horses to the hubby and he told me sure, after I get rid of the ones I have ;)