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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Week

So last week I was having blogger issues.  For some reason when I went to the new post page, the title box and the writing box were greyed out.  It was frustrating, but I just kept trying and today it finally worked like it is supposed to, so I will give kinda a quick overview of last week.  First off I sewed up the fly sheet Jessie ripped a while ago.  It actually looks pretty good but since its for super sensitive girl, I put all the seams on the outside so they don't rub, it looks a little odd but should work.

And Monday afternoon we had a horrible windstorm go through here and tear down a 50 foot section of windbreak which we did not know about till the next morning when we look out the window and see horses in the yard.  They musta not seen it till after dark and the windbreak is behind a cattle shed so not visible from the house.  I am glad in this case that Bailey is a talker cause she kept them all close by, 3 were in the corrals and 3 were in the yard by their pen.  They coulda gone all over the country cause we have gates open to the creek and up north cause no cattle around.  We went out and have 2 tractors holding up the fence till Neil gets his truck back and can pick up some lumber to replace it.

But our storm was not near as bad as Hanna got it, it tore out trees by the roots and I went on Wed to the chiro and what a mess, there was still trees down on the streets and all over it is just sad.  And roofs off buildings, I heard millions of dollars damage.  But while there they had the farmers market and so I got some fruit and had to have some pies, it was almost the end of the day and still lots left so she was giving a deal on pies so I ended up with 2, when I really only wanted the raisin, but cherry is good too :)

And since there are so many crab apples on my tree I picked 2 five gallon pails full and been cooking and straining the juice for jelly and the much for butter.  10 gallons of apples is a lot, it took no time to pick and there is still lots of apples on the tree, but I think I am done with what I have got now.

And then Thurs I went down to Silver slate to watch the cutting show going on there.  I was not competing in it cause I think a 5 day show is more than I need right now, but that is where the winter series is held and I wanted to see the place and know how long it takes to get there and just scout it out some.  It is real easy to find and lots of places to park and so should be good, it is 3 hours from home, so I do hope they don't start super early.  While we were there we stopped in Claresholm so shop and I finally found the mecarte reins I have been looking for all summer, and really reasonable too.  They are a little prickly but I think they will be OK.  Now I gotta find an old rein or something to make a hanger and remember how to tie them on my bosal.

Then Sat I headed down to Maple Creek with friends to the annual horse sale down there.  Looks like prices are up a little, specially on weanlings, but also on broke horses as well.  Only one colt I liked and a 4 year old ranch gelding was not too bad, but nothing I needed to have so that was good.  They also have a cowboy poetry and trade show there so we went to the trade show and saw lots of cool stuff, Found a bit and spurs I wanted but kinda out of my price range right now.  I would put them on my Christmas list, but Im sure Neil would have a heart attack if I said I wanted a $650 bit and $450 spurs so I will just save and I don't have a horse for them right now anyways so I will just wish.  But we did see where part of a grass fire went through by Medicine Hat, looks like they got it contained before too much damage, but sure is dry and reminds me it could happen here anytime.

Hopefully now it will be working and I can continue to tell my life in little chunks and it don't sound so crazy cause it really didn't seem like I did that much last week till I put it all together.


Shirley said...

Love crabapple jelly, didn't know you could make apple butter from the pulp, will you share your recipe?
Nice to know the prices are coming up again on good horses, I sure miss going to the horse sales. I still want to go to the Supreme, are you going?

Paint Girl said...

You sound just like me, crazy busy! Everything just runs together because I have so much going on! But we never get this nice of weather in September so we are taking advantage of it while it's here. Before too long it will be raining nonstop!!
Sounds like a crazy wind storm!!

lisa said...

Sounds like you have been one busy lady!

fernvalley01 said...

quite the week! Lots going on, I had a blogger battle a while back with photos, not sure why ,it just seems to pick a glitch to have for a while then poof! 650 for a bit?? ye-ow! ask Santa!