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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Experiment with Jessie

On Sunday I figured I should ride Jessie again, it had been a few days and after Wed I will prob turn her out and so won't ride everyday.  I went and got her and tacked her up and as I was going back in to get her bridle, I grabbed my hackamore for some reason.  Maybe cause I just got the new reins for my smaller bosal, I don't know.  I don't think she has ever been rode in a hackamore, but I figured she is so good in everything else it should be fine.

I had really wanted to go up north to where Neil said the other Tee pee rings were, so we headed out that way.  We went through the north pasture the horses were on this spring and there are a bunch of carraganas out there and Jessie just walked right through them, I would gone around them but I guess she was used to them so that was OK with me.

But boy oh boy was my back sore.  I thought I could just ignore it for a bit and it would be better, but it just wasn't happening.  Which is too bad cause Jessie was being really good and so nice, not even trying to look home, like she sometimes does.  So we took the shorter route just around the bull field and it was only about half hour but I was done.  And the gate was closed that we usually go through, but Neil had seen us and roared over there on Bob and opened it.  Not sure why he did, but he said he wanted it open anyways.  Jessie was real good about that too, not too much can spook her, which is sure nice, but real unexpected when it does happen.

But I hope its better today cause I plan on riding again and don't wanna have to quit early.  And gonna use the hackamore again today to see it it was just fluke last time.


Shirley said...

Nice mare! Hope your back is better today.

Louisa Valentina; said...

She's beautiful! So sorry to hear about your back - that is just the worst :(

lisa said...

I wanted to get a lot of riding in this summer but with the shoulder and pain I was in then the surgery, I didn't get too :(

Janice said...

Pretty Mare ...hope your back gets right soon. You have been busy. Mmmmmmmmm I remeber that butter from when you guys were riding out here.....Mmmmmm wish I was closer.

fernvalley01 said...

hope your back is better, nice that hubby whipped over to open that gate!