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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farrier Day

Wednesday was the day I had planned for my farrier to come out. He was planned to come at 8 and I was worried it was gonna be cold out, but turned out to be just perfect.  I had 6 trims and a front shoe.  Wow after 3 or so hours I was exhausted.  But I did not have to walk far to get everyone in.  I caught Bailey and Kali and Jessie and had them tied up and I could see the others just outside the corral gate so I opened the gates and let them in, but of course then they decide they need to run and buck and play so I left them and come back in 15 or so minutes when they were done being silly.  And caught Razz, Disco, George, and Belle.
 (Kali off by herself cause she thought she needed to squeal and strike at the other horses)

(someone always has to get in trouble, lol Bailey didn't even know her rope wasn't right)

After everyone was done I put Razz and Jazz in the alley way and turned out everyone else.  I really need to get something done with Jazz and since Doug is so busy I won't be takin lessons for a while I figure now is a good time to get started.  I picked Razz to go with her cause I am thinking after a few days workin with her I might start ponying her, although I am not sure how that will work yet but that is my plan so when I find a trainer she will be at least a little farther ahead.

That evening the sunset was so pretty and I asked Neil to get me a bale of hay and he did so quite late so I was feeding just as the sun was setting and looked so pretty.


lisa said...

One thing nice about my farrier day is he calls and tells me the day he will be by and I leave the horses in and he does them. I trust him a lot. I don't envy you and all the horses you need to do ;) nice sunset!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew. Sounds exhausting to have so many horses to trim and get shod. Thankfully you got a beautiful gift at the end of the day that made it all worth it. What a beautiful sunset!