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Friday, September 7, 2012

Much Better Lesson

Yesterday I had another lesson.  I was a little nervous about going cause last time I did not do very well.  I was having a hard time with the stop and it was not good.  Doug said I was happy with the mediocre and that wasn't good enough.  So I had lots of time to think and decided he was right and I was not gonna be like that anymore.  I told Jessie that as we were warming up I was gonna be much better this time and she cocked her ear and looked at me like she didn't believe me, it made me laugh.

We started with cows and I worked all 3 and it was so much better, I think even Doug was surprised.  I sure find it easier to stop when the cow stops rather than just slows to a walk, and these were quick running and quick stopping cows.  We had a few really quick stops and some slower ones that were better.  I still have trouble getting her to stop and stay straight going to the left, she always wants to turn in, no matter how much I use my leg on her.

One time as we were gonna turn I used my leg and asked her to turn, but my brain and leg was faster than my body and I almost got left behind as she made an awesome turn.  It is hard on my brain to think of everything at once.

He wanted us to work on the flag a little just to keep her drawing back.  We did a few turns, probly 20 or so that I had to stop her and back up a step or 2 straight before turning, then when I drop my hand she automatically draws back a step before turning.  He thought I was going to the show this weekend and so got me all ready to go then I said I am not and I think that was a little unexpected. I doubt I can go next week for lessons cause there is a show from Tues to Sunday, but maybe the week after.  I sure would like to get in a routine but its pretty hard until after the Supreme (Sept 23 -29th) and then Calgary (Oct 10-14) and he doesn't know if hes going to California again so maybe in November.


Janice said...

Busy lady. I wish I was going to watch the Supreme again, maybe next year.

Shirley said...

There's always next year for showing, and if you keep improving like that you'll have a lot of fun at the shows. I'm still thinking about going to the Supreme, not sure yet.