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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labour Day

On Sunday I started tearing out the brick of my patio.  I have been planning this for a long time cause I want to put a deck in there instead that is not so wobbly and uneven.  But I knew I had to wait for a while cause I need Neil's help for part of it and now he is just hauling bales and getting ready for winter so not so time sensitive stuff.  I am gonna use the bricks and put a smaller patio outside our front door where the grass is always dead anyways and put the cool patio table and chairs out there.

But then yesterday we had coffee planned with Lu and Susan and since that requires me to drive to town, which I didn't mind cause there is always stuff in town we need and there was lots yesterday.  But Susan thought I should bring a horse and drop it off at her house while I come for coffee and then we would ride after lunch.   So of course I thought that was a way better idea than groceries and so along came Jessie.  Susan has a pen set up and so I used that and dropped off the trailer and into town I went.  We always visit and talk so long while coffeeing it was noon before we finally decided we should do something else.

Lu headed out her way and me and Susan and Kendra headed out to Susan's.  I hooked up the trailer first then went to get Jessie.  She was pretty happy to see me, I think she thought I was gonna leave her there.  We went for about a 2 hour ride and stopped over at the edge of the coulee where you can just see the river but the view is so pretty there.  One day when there is lots of time, we are gonna venture around and see if there is a coulee that we can ride down.  I'm sure there must be but its hard to find one that is not covered in brush, so much different than our creek hills.

Afterwards we sat and enjoyed the warm weather and then I eventually headed home.  Bailey and Kali were pretty happy I come home with their bestest friend too.  I always think Jessie will have lots to tell them when we get back, and they are just jealous they had so stay home ;)


Paint Girl said...

Looks like a fun ride! I wish I had more people to ride with during the week days. Now that I don't work, I could use a riding partner, but everyone else works! Darn jobs! :)

Shirley said...

A day on a horse sounds better than my day under horses doing feet!