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Friday, January 7, 2011

Okay so I'm still working on the photo thingy.  I have started a flickr account, but haven't figured out how to get them from there to here so I will keep trying to fix that since it doesn't want to upload from my computer, so maybe it will work from there.

I have been feeling kinda bad that I haven't done much with my colts, but yesterday when I was out there, both Jazz and Jamaica walked right up to me and stood there the whole time I was out there, so I guess just being out there semi regularily is helping.  I'm pretty sure if my hands weren't full Jamaica woulda let me scatch him.  He has always stayed just far enough away but he right beside me, so maybe today I will be more prepared for that.

I rode Razz on the flag again and Charlene asked Jardi to ride Ricky on it the last time and Ricky was being bad, so I wondered about Razz and she got on her and said she was doing really well!  I was pretty happy about that, since I don't really know much about cutting and neither did Razz.  Afterwards Jardi made us ride her horses and I rode Twister who was a lot of fun, she turns with the flag and it is so different holding her away from it rather than holding Razz towards it.  She turns so quick and hardly needs any direction at all, now I know what me and Razz are aiming towards.

Today we are heading up to Ponoka again and will practice tonight and then tomorrow is the show and Jardi is competing with Avril and Maddie with Bailey, so Im hoping to get pics of them and then we are gonna practice again with the used cattle.  Should be fun and will be kinda nice to watch a cutting show before competing in one I guess, lol.


fernvalley01 said...

Nice to se that you are still getting lots of riding in. The colts will come around.Hopefully they wil be just as easy to halter as Dandy was. Just being around them regularly,just calm , no pressure seems they get their own ideas about wanting more attention , then you've got'em

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with fern on the colts. You're doing good.

As for the photos on flickr, it seems to me you can click on each photo individually and it will come up with it's correct address. That complete address goes into the field on the right side for blogger where you add images. Then blogger will put that link in you blog so it'll work. I used to post pics hosted offsite and if I remember right this is how it worked for me. Good luck.

CCC said...

Sounds like your having fun with that cutting thing. It's always so good to keep learning and never think you know everything. Have a good time, hope the weather doesn't hinder your fun.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Patients Grasshopper.