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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Away

On Friday afternoon, we headed up to Ponoka to work some cattle before the show on Saturday and then again after the show we were gonna work cows again and come home.  We got there on Friday and got out chance with cows and I was having an awesome time with Razz, I am glad Jardi was there to tell us when to stop, cause it was so fun when she did it right that I did not want to stop.  But because she was just learning, we want to give her a break when she does it correctly.  She was really watching the cow and stopping and turning with them, it was sooo cool.  I was pretty proud of myself as well, as I am always afraid of the wall and I made myself run right up to the wall and we stopped the cow from going back to the herd!  That was totally against my liking but I did it anyways.

That evening, there was a cattle sorting and Vic asked if we wanted to participate since lots of people cancelled because of the weather so we thought we would try.  Me and Charlene went together and Jardi and Vic went as a team and Maddie and Matt were a third team.  The cows all have numbers on them and the announcer gives each team a number.  I guess the idea is one person sits in the gate and the other goes and gets a cow whose number was called and moves it through the gate.  Then the next cow in order goes until all 10 are through the gate in order. Its a lot harder than it seems.  The pens are two circles with one panel open in the middle.  For the first round me and Razz were in the gate and Charlene and Ricky went and got the cow and we got two through in time.  The second round, Char was in the gate, we got three in and we were pretty proud of ourselves.  For the third round, I was in the gate again and it was a wreck, we got the wrong cow through and it was all over.  They only give one minute to get all 10 cows through and it is quite quickly to get them all through.  The winning team got 8 through in time!  It was amazing to watch.  All our teams got a blowout so we were all out, but it was lots of fun.

We stayed over at Vics that night and it was a long weekend, will need to post more tomorrow. Cause I got to figure out the picture thing so I can get some show pics up.


Shirley said...

Looks like you've been bitten by the cowhorse bug!
That's great that you are having fun with Razz, and I hope you do well at the show. Is is an ARCHA show?

lisa said...

That is so cool! Good for you and keep having fun, that is what it is all about!


Hope you do well at the show, good for you sounds like you are having a ball! Have a wonderful day !

CCC said...

Some weather eh? Hope it didn't intere with you fun. Sounds like your mare is doing good.