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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been doing some calculating on riding.  Last year I spent 129 days riding. Month with least amount of hours were April (when I sold Princess, Bailey was sore, and Razz was pregnant), June and July.  Not sure why so many less hours in June and July, but those are pretty busy monthes here.  The months with the most hours were January, November and December.  I see november and December, but I was suprised about January last year till I looked and the temperatures were warm and I actually rode out lots.

On those 129 days I rode 44.5 hours on Bailey and 135.5 hours on other horses.  That sure sounds like a lot of hours but its less than 1.5 hours a day.  That makes a total of 180 hours riding this year.  In 2009 I had 153 hours, and 2008 only 107.  So slowly but steadily moving up.  This year I plan on even more and so far so good as long as the weather stays nice. 
I have enjoyed being able to ride so much as well as having so much fun.

Tonight I rode Razz and Charlene rode Ricki and after  we had rode about 45 minutes, we traded.  That was kinda interesting as we ride way different and our horses are at different stages.  It was kinda fun to see what the other was talking about and maybe we now can help each other a little more.


lisa said...

That is a good idea to calculate your hours, I won't even tell you the amount of mine.

fernvalley01 said...

looks like you are doing well, I haven't had that type of record riding in quite a few years, will have to try to catch up!

Rising Rainbow said...

It would be interesting to see what kind of hours I spend riding in a year, I've kept records on days ridden before but not time ridden. I can see where it would be a useful measure. Good for you.

Riding different horses can be helpful too. I think the more different horses you get a chance to ride, the more opportunity there is to learn since each can be so different.