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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stormy Again

Why oh why cant it just be summer already??? At least we aren't getting snow this time and out power isn't out yet. Seems like we cant go a week without some kind of storm. I like rain, but I want to be picky and get rain at night and have it nice in the daytime.

After all my worry of Gypsy not foaling yet, I am kinda glad she decided to wait till the weather is a little nicer (i hope so anyhow) We don't have a barn here, but we do have good sheds I can keep her in if she needs to, but Id rather her stay in the pasture if I can. The sheds were used for the bulls all winter (I bet they are wishing they could use them now!) so they are fairly clean, but not as clean as I like. I know I'm picky, but might as well have as good as there is if I can.

Me and Linda went to the horse sale last night and I'm kinda kicking myself this morning. No I never bought a horse, but I should have. A nice little 10 year old Arab mare went through. She was broke, looked quiet, and I have no horse to ride till Bailey gets better or Dinero is broke. The real kicker is she sold for $350. I sure could rode her a while and sold her again without losing money I'm sure. But too late now, never paid much attention to how much she was going for anyways till it was over.

Not much going on around her today, just computers, Neils doing books, and maybe some video games will occur later this afternoon.

Oh and Shirley you need to reguess cause I have no idea when I am getting a foal, but I know it wasn't Tuesday.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a great deal on that little mare , oh well ,you will have yor hands full soon enough

Shirley said...

Okay, I'll split the difference between Sherry and Linda; May 5th.

CCC said...

How is it that hindsight is always better than forsight. We never saw in her in the back, did we? I know what what was wrong with the whole thing. She wasn't a paint. te he.