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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wind Wind and more Wind

Yikes I hate wind. Thursday was a horribly windy day. Neils Dad and Nephew came out and were gonna go fencing. They got the wire put up, but after that they were exhausted. Its so much harder doing stuff in the wind.

That evening the wind switched directions and got super strong. Then our power went out as I was just putting our supper in the oven! Neil went out to the main line to see if it was just us, but it looks like everyone, so we phoned and the power was out everywhere, so he hooked up the generator and we had heat and lights and we could cook our supper.

Our neighbors were on the way over when the power went out, but they saw lights at our house and so stopped by anyways.

The power finally came back on about 7:15 Friday morning. We never got much snow out of the storm, except in the coulees it drifted about 8 inches deep. We never lost any calves, although he barn was full for a while. We had a set of twins a few days ago and the mother doesn't like the little one, but lets it suck if we feed her oats, so we been keeping her in. We also had a heifer calve about 9:30 Thursday night and her calf was up but we put them in the barn as well. We only have two pens int her, so it was full!

Friday was way warmer, but still windy. I went riding and since I sold Princess to Kirsten I never rode her and wasn't feeling like riding cause my knees have been bothering me all week, I was just gonna visit and be there when Kirsten come later. Jardi said I could ride Flower, but it seemed too much work, so I hummed and hawed and then she said I should ride Dot. Well I love Dot and its pretty hard to turn that down, so I rode her. Shes so broke so I can do all kinds of things with her that eventually I hope Bailey will learn. I would like to ride Dot chasing cows, I think that would be so awesome!

Today its windy again, I sure hope it quits pretty soon, cause I have things I want to do outside and I cant stand being in the wind, It just irritates me to no end.

On a better note, Jardis Dog Clara had some puppies and man o man are they ever adorable! There ended up being 4 black and whites and 4 red and whites. We are not sure where the reds come from, cause both parents are black and there were a couple tricolors in the sires litter, but no reds.

There is only one with its eyes open yet, and they are 12 days old.

I am really trying hard to stay away from them, cause I don't want a border collie or really any other kind of dog. But they are so adorable and are just gonna get cuter as they start moving around.


fernvalley01 said...

Cute pups! we are having "blow your hair off" winds here too!

Shirley said...

Are those purebred border collies? If I had seen these before I spoke for my pup from Tara, it would have been tough to choose! The red and white with the white head is adorable!

Paint Girl said...

Oh, those puppies!! I love them all, especially the black and whites! I have a thing for black and white!! Love them!

Crystal said...

Yup they are purebred border collies. Her neice is trying to name the white headed one Headley and we are trying to talk her out of that!

Shirley said...

Can you email me with info on how to contact Jardi?