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Monday, April 12, 2010

Beaver Dams and a Contest

Today Neil asked me if I would help him tear out some beaver dams in the creek. There are three that are blocking the flow on the creek.

The one we tore out today was just past a crossing, so the crossing was sitting under water and made ruts whenever we tried to cross it.

We took two tractors, one on each side of the creek and in between was a homemade beaver dam ripper outer. It was just pulled back and forth between the two tractors and eventually the dam gets broken up enough to let water through.

Neil is gonna put a piece of irrigation pipe in the bottom, so if they rebuild it the water will still flow through.

I also went and put a salt block out with the mares today and had a good look at them and thought I should have a "guess the foaling date" contest as well as Shirley and Prairie Ridge.

So I guess just guess the date and color and sex of the baby and we will pick the closest one to win this!

We will start with Gypsy. This could be a challenge cause I am not sure when she was bred, cause I bought her that way last October, but I was told she is due on April 21. She has had three colts before this and not sure if they were early or late or even different every year.

Here's a couple pics of her I took today at the salt block.

and a front view

and a cup of ovaltine with cool whip to warm us all up on a rainy/snowy night.


Shirley said...

Oh boy! Another contest- and that sure is a nice prize. So my guess is April23, a bay filly- do you know if she was bred to a paint or a quarter horse?

fernvalley01 said...

Gonna say May 02 colt( I will tell you why if I win)

Linda said...

May 7th, a bay filly! Great recipe yesterday too b.t.w.

Shirley said...

After the info on the sire, I'm going to say bay roan filly. Gotta be a bay of some kind with both parents bay!