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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Massage and a Party

On Saturday, we had Neils mom and dad and sister come over for a BBQ for his birthday. The weather was absolutely beautiful! There was no wind and the temp was about 20 C. We have and his party on days where we were sitting outside around the fire wrapped in blankets until someone got smart and we went inside. This has been the nicest year since Ive been around.

I took Bailey over to Jardis for a massage today and she always gets upset around the poll. She likes the rest, even the sore spots shes not real bad, but that head twist she tries to evade every time, even though afterwards she licks and chews and acts relaxed. She acts like she is better, but I will give her prolly till Friday till I try her again.

And Gypsy is looking more comfortable than she has for the last week, so not sure whats going o there, I wish shed get on with it already! I wanna baby before the weekend so I can spend at least one day at the Mane Event. There is so much there and I like to go see, and besides I know Brent Trout, and would be interesting to see him in the Trainers Challenge.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like maybe Gypsy was repositoning the foal ,and is now seetling in for a while . Can't give you any real timeline , but my mares tend to do that a week or two before foaling. Hope to see you at the Mane Event

Shirley said...

My mare is holding on to her foal too, as of today, it's 19 days short of a year since the first day she was bred. Enough already!