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Friday, April 16, 2010

Storm and Power outages

Wow its been a long long time since I been on the Internet. On Tuesday evening it started raining and never thought much about it, even though the radio was saying 15-20 cm of snow, we NEVER get that much snow at one time. Well at dark, the rain turned to snow, and wind of course. about 1 am our power went out. It wasn't too cold, so we never noticed till about 5. Neil hooked up the generator and we were finally warm again, but our phones were out still. We checked the heifer and there was one in the mud dead. Over all we lost 3 in the storm. We saved a couple others, one was just born, but was on the shed and it was fine, there was another Neil had to bring into the barn and it survived, the third got stuck under a fence and ended up bloated and died.

Sure glad we had a generator! We woulda had trouble watering the heifers and calves with no power to the water troughs. I went out and fed the mares on Wed morning and had a talk with Gypsy about waiting till the weather was nice in a few days to foal, and I think she was in agreement with me as she stood hunched up in the best spot out there.

I never fed the boys cause they are just north of the house and walking north was so horrible, and you just got soaked and couldn't see anything, so I just waited.

At about 2 om on wed, the snow stopped and Neil said there was a power line out across our road, so I thought I would go have a look. It was in the best possible spot, cause the power line runs right thought the pasture the mares are in, across the road and through the pasture the geldings are in and it broke across the road, not touching either fence! It was weird. When I went out there, its about a half mile walk, Dinero and George followed me the whole way there and the whole way back!

All in all, we got about 8 inches of wet snow, with about 2 inches of water underneath it all. What a mess! but we need the moisture so I guess its all good. By Thursday, half the snow was gone and just muddy everywhere.

Friday I was supposed to take Bailey for her massage, but Jardi called and said the yard is icky, so don't bring the trailer and just come ride one of her horses. So i went over and got to ride Shaken. He is pretty nice, awesome walker, but kinda lazy at the jog or lope. It was fun, but Id rather ride Dot I think.

Our power finally came on about 3:30 Friday afternoon. There were 4 power guys fixing the one line, so they musta been almost done everywhere else.


Shirley said...

The wind must have been howling the way the truck is plastered with snow. Sorry to hear you lost some calves though.

Linda said...

Fun wasn't it!