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Monday, April 5, 2010

Turn Out and Princess

I was gonna turn out the boys into the field this week, so I went out this afternoon and checked the fences. They were all okay and a few staples went a long way. The north fence is pretty week, but there shouldn't be any pressure on it as the mares are in a field on the south side, across the road.

I decided I would braid Dineros mane and maybe keep him from rubbing it out because he is so hot. I ended up banding it because I thought I would turn them out today and asked Neil for help in like 10 minutes, well like 30 seconds later he was there just standing around, so I just quickly banded it and we went. There was much excitement when they saw the mares, and they run up and down the fence and came back to eat grass where they started out, lol.

I think they will be fine in there and enjoy it more than in the smaller pens.

The mares were a little excited, but just trotted up to the fence and when they seen they boys were on the other side of the road, they went back to the bale and continued eating. No interest in boys now I guess!

I also have a question about how much a horse is worth. I am looking at selling Princess and I got to set a price for her. I paid about 1200 for her, and she is very quiet and kinda lazy. I am looking at another horse (3/4 sister to Dinero) worth 2000 and would like to get that, but not sure if I the girl who I think she is perfect for can afford that. I am thinking she would pay 1500 no problem.


fernvalley01 said...

Horse prices are funny these days , some are through the roof and others are in the oits. I attended an aution on the weekend where a bombproof team of percherons went for $3200 for the pair(these horse were a beautifully matched team broke to ride and drive ,the works!) after the sale many of us were kicking ourselves for not snapping them up ! They should have gone way higher , but that is auction sales . One thing that helps is selling form home as opposed to auction, if you can wait for your price$1500 sounds fair. Also if you go online and look at some of the websites to see what simmilar horse are advertised at

Cowboy Coping Cowgirl said...

Found you. This is a good page, love the pictures of your horses. But I bet people think you prefer paints. I started a blog but I'm too long winded. With my roping the Charolais bull story and I have a picture to back it up. You'll have to check it out and tell me what you think. I'll get the hang of this blogging eventually. I still wouldn't ask less than 2000 for Princess. I think she should easy bring that, if not 2500.