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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday April 1, 2010

Wow so much has happened in the last few days and I haven't even been around to blog.

Tuesday I went and got my truck serviced at Dodge and there are a bunch of minor things that need to be replaced, so whenever the parts are in, that will get done (about 7-10 days wait) Then I went to ride Princess and she got her front shoes. Greg was there and he said its low enough and seems healed over, he doesn't think it needs a pad, but the shoes will keep it a little higher off the ground. So that's good news and she was happy to be turned out into the pasture again. Bailey is still sore, we felt around a bunch more and it seems the big muscle on top of the hock on the inside of her left leg is really whats bothering her. We are gonna put her on a herbal antiinflamitory for a week or so and then maybe do another massage and then see whats going on. I also mentioned I might want to sell Princess and there is a young girl (16) who might try her out.

Yesterday I went to pick up a friends colt and take him to the trainer and then on the way home, pick up hers from Jard's and bring him home. We were close to Stettler so we stopped at Tim's for lunch and I won a coffee. Then we went to Peavey Mart and Ufa (for broodmare feed) and got fuel and came home. Linda rode her colt at Jardis (Princess we turned out already, so I brushed and fed Bailey while they rode).

When we got to Linda's last night the trailer lights wouldn't work so I left the trailer there and am going to pick it up today and hopefully they will work.

This morning I moved the mares ot a new pasture with more grass(some tame so its green) and a hay bale. I went around the edges and put in all missing staples and am now exhausted. It doesn't look too bad, last year I put in half pail of staples and fixed three patches of wire, this year only a handful of staples and a new gate rope.


Shirley said...

Are you using Devil's Claw as the anti-inflammatory? It works pretty good.
We are getting a Tim Hortons in Creston- YAY! I love their lunch sandwiches.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! You've been very very busy!