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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mane event

Well yesterday I went up to the Mane Event in Red Deer. it was pretty awesome as always. I love looking through all the shopping they have up there. There literally is something for everyone. I went up with nothing specific to buy, but of course that never happens.

The best part was I got to meet Sherry from Fern Valley Appaloosas. That was awesome. She is a very nice person and I had a great visit with her and learnt some stuff too.

We went and watched Curt Pate with groundwork and working the rope. It was okay, but all kinda basic.

That's the only clinician we watched, I'm kinda embarrassed to say I didn't even watch Brent Trout and I know him. But i kinda have a problem with these trainers challenge type events, cause it makes people think it only takes three hours and your horse is ready to go. We all know that isn't true, but if you never started a horse, this could be a big problem and I'm sure people have gotten hurt doing following this.

I was looking around, and I saw a pair of spurs I loved, I have a perfectly good pair I use, but I really liked these ones. I looked at them, left and looked at others, but I just had to eventually get them.

Old ones on boots

Old ones after cleaning them up

New spurs

New spurs on clean boots

They look so much better and Im sure Bailey will love them as well. I also got a Eeyore cooler, I may try it on her this afternoon and Im sure she will love it as well.


Shirley said...

I have 2 pairs of spurs, almost the same as yours! The small ones,and the ones with the big rowels. Everyone thinks my big spurs are more aggressive than the small ones, but in fact, they disperse the pressure over a larger area and so are milder. Love your new ones!
Glad you got to meet Sherry, she's a terrific person.

Crystal said...

They had a nother pair with bigger rowels, I think they were 2 1/4 and mine are 2", but I liked the bands on these ones better. The funny thing is they are jerimiah Watts and I kinda heard of him, but that wasnt why I bought them, and then I find out my farriers wife, our local vet, is Jerimiahs neice! what a small world.

fernvalley01 said...

It sure was a great big event ! I was totally ovewhelmed and came away nearly empty handed!Kept thinking I should see more before I bought .Then I was so pooped after the last shift I worked we just camer home. Next year. I did watch one clinic , with a fellow (missed his name )working with a mule , pretty impressive , he did good work!
Again great to meet you !

CCC said...

I sure like those spurs. Jeremiah Watt spurs, some people (like you) just live charmed lives. Everybody loves you AND you have Jeremiah Watt spurs.

Thanks so much for being so good to me and Lou.