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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Blogger

Yaaa Linda I'm so glad you found me and are blogging as well! Her new blog is Cowboy Coping Cowgirl and its a gooder! She has some good stories to tell about living on the ranch and working as a lease riders wife.

Well the girl come out and tried the Princess out yesterday and I think she had a good ride, she rode in the arena first and then we went out on the trail, and I of course didn't have a horse, so Barb let me ride Dusty while she tended to Sid's ucky hair loss. It was good, Princess trotted away from us when we rode and she eventually got her to lope out there as well. She was gonna look at a few more from Stettler area before making a decision, so well see how it works out.

I am staying home today and making relish and shortbread and doing laundry and I don't even mind those things on a day like this when the weather is really windy.

The Boys as they always are when I look to see them!

When I was coming home yesterday I seen some antelopes on our road, so I slowed down andthe took off, so I stopped and they all turned and looked at me and stayed till I drove off again. They are so curious Im sure they would come right up to the truck if I waited long enough.

O an update, as I was witing for pictures to load, I got a phone call, and they bought Princess, so tommorow they are gonna try her in the girls saddle and then pick her up and take her home. im sure it will be perfect for both of them.

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Shirley said...

Congratulations on selling your mare. THat is a great shot of the antelopes!