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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Cows

Yesterday Neil was goona move his calves out to the corner pasture now that we have had some rain and the grass was turning green. However I told him I don't want him moving them thought the mares and getting them all upset when the calves don't move as directed (because they never do!) So I was gonna take them all out for half hour and he would move the calves and all would be good. However like all plans, that didn't happen. He looked at the grass and decided a few more days of growing would be better, so we moved them to where the gelding are. That should have been easy, they have to walk across the yard and into the gate. But...getting calves to go out a gate you keep chasing them in all winter inst so easy. Finally after about a hundred trips around the pen, the left. They walked across the yard quite well, cause I was keeping them off the lawn and Neil was on the other side, and they walked in the gate and went right to eating. Not sure the geldings are impressed, but there is lots of room for them all.

Now we have to get the heifers who have calved moved down to the creek where there is tame hay, and the heifers who haven't calves, they get left until they are finished. Then first week of may or so, the cows will move to summer grass and the calves moved to there field as soon as the grass gets growing, which shouldn't take long with this warm weather we have been having.

And we are finally starting the green house today and hopefully gonna pound the posts for my yard. Woo hoo spring is finally here, I wore shorts yesterday and yard work is getting done.

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fernvalley01 said...

Gotta love moving calves! somehow they can miss a 12 foot gate when its right in front of them!