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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nothing Yet

When I first bred Belle, it was cause I didn't know what else to do with her. I really like her, but shes so afraid of everything. I had taken her to someone to ride and after 2 weeks she said it would take forever cause shes just afraid and suggested I ride someone else. She doesn't spook, and she seems fine on the ground. I'm not sure what caused this, but its how it is now. So since I really like her confirmation and papers are not bad, I thought I would get a colt out of her and see then. Well the people I got her from offered me a free breeding when i bought her two years ago, so I called them up and went to see hi studs. The first was out cause its her sire, the second was NICE, but...(always a but) he was quite aggressive with the mares and she was so timid, we picked Joe. Hes gentle and quiet, even a little afraid of the mares (it was cute, he comes up to us for feed instead of chasing the mares away)

Anyways back on topic, I was so excited waiting for a baby, then I got Razz and she was bred too and so I was kinda glad Belles baby wouldn't be alone all summer. Then I ended up with Gypsy and shes also bred. Then I was a little worried about getting in over my head, but was kinda glad Gypsy was gonna be first, cause shes done it before and it should be easier that way.

Well as time went on, I realized there was sooo much i didn't know about mares foaling and her I have three, 2 which are new to this. I tried to learn all I could, and some is similar to cows, and some way different. I am lucky to have people who help me and I can ask all kinds of crazy questions.

Now as Gypsy is getting later and later, I am just getting impatient, I want a baby already! I need to get out and see other people and get a normal life. I try to go out and do stuff, thinking it wont be today, but the whole time I am gone I am worried she needs help. Even at night I have to fight the urge to stay inside, I would like to see her all the time so I know its going to be all right. I am totally prepared to miss the birth and I am okay with that, I just wanna go out ans see her and a baby beside her.

On other sides, there is a horse sale in Brooks tonight and I might go with a friend and see what everyone else is up to. Its raining, so everybody in the country will be there.

Oh and yesterday i got to ride Shaken again. Hes pretty fun to ride and its good for me to ride with my left hand, I am super uncoordinated with the left hand, I can ride fine in tow hands, and if i ride one handed with the right hand i am pretty good, but it doesn't seem to transfer over. So he lets me know when i done it wrong, cause he always wants to go to the middle of the arena and stop if I'm not paying attention.

And I think Dinero is going througha growth spurt again cause he is looking gangly and long legged again.


fernvalley01 said...

Breath Crystal! More often than not they are fine . And I told you "outdoor plumbing takes longer(lol)
When my first mare foaled , I was beside myself with worry, my grandfather quietly told me that I was worrying too soon . and thet a year less 10 days had been his experience with mares foaling , and he was nearly dead on to the day!
333-345 days is the set of numbers I work with . All that said , you have a good support network, and as often asa you are checking your mare ,she will tell you if there is something amiss. Hang in there girl ! Sunday will be a nice day for a foal

Shirley said...

Got your foaling kit ready? I keep a pail handy near the foaling area with towels, iodine to put on the stump of the navel, flashlight, bottle of water (to rinse my hands off) and it doesn't hurt to have a shot of oxytocin in your medicine cupboard.

Crystal said...

Ya I know I know, she knows when the right time is, and I have been ready since the first of April (maybe sooner if I have to be truthful!)

I know I will just breathe a sigh of relief when its over, although there are numerous things that can happen to babies too, yikes, makybe I should just stick to things I know.

CCC said...

Well if it helps, I can' wait either!