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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Riding, Eeyore Cooler and Mares

Yesterday I went riding and took Bailey along too see if she is cured. Well not so much. She seems fine at the walk, but still super stiff at the trot, especially when turning. We felt around, and she seems a little sore in her left stifle, but not as bad as last time, and she seems worse going right, so that seems weird. I never thought about it till I got home and the other mares were pretty close, but instead of trotting to them, she loped. I notice I never see her trot outside, only lope, so maybe when it dries up I will take her outside and see if she seems okay at a lope, and maybe its just trotting that bothers her. We are gonna try and put her on a herb, not sure which one yet, Jardi is talking to the silver lining people today and from there booklet it sounds like a kidney one, but we will try what she suggests for a month and then reevaluate.

Afterwards, I had to try on her new cooler and it looks like shes in her Jammies!
I think its a little small on the neck, but I can fix that pretty easily with another Velcro piece. Sorry about the darkness, it was in the barn cause it kept blowing off in the wind.

My Aunt Bonnie asked me to make nightstands to match her pine bed, so I created them, and not turns out shes allergic to pine and so sold her bed and got a cherry one and is gonna use them as end tables. She wants to stain them to match her coffee table, so they are unfinished now.

and no foal yet, just this when I look out the window and they see me coming.

Oh and Linda and Shirley need a new guess cause theirs has past. Oh and Shirley's mare foaled a cute boy last night! Go check him out!


Shirley said...

Cute cooler! I'll update my guess to April 27, still say bay roan filly.
Nice new header.Sure hope you can get Bailey fixed, I hate it when horses are sore and you can't pinpoint the problem.

fernvalley01 said...

Crystal, If you go to my blog and look on the side bar there is a link to Blue equine, Kevin is an osteopath and does amazing work with horses.Here is the original post I did about his work
Sorry I can't do links

CCC said...

Is may 2nd taken? I'll try that if not. Gets greener everyday, eh? Did you see my new hat? (See it on my blog) A little Quigley Down Under but what the hey. Not as nice as the Pooh cooler but the pink gloves I ordered would match it. Should have got the pink and blue scarf for my soon- to-need mounted shooting outfit. I wonder how Pic would look in pink.

Crystal said...

Linda all horse look better in pink! and I got Jardi to get me the gloves too. well match pretty good.

And I looked at the website, definitly interesting and maybe something to check out! I want to wait and see what the herb lady said and I might have to call him.