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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

Happy Easter Everyone, may you enjoy the day with your family and friends and remember what it means.

It seems like so much has been going on here I don't have much time to write anymore.

After moving the mares all I heard was mmm green grass, mmm hay bale while fixing fence. They seem to like it there a little more.

I went and got my trailer and decided I would pick up Bailey and bring her home and turn her out with the mares. She seems to be a little better, and all that walking around in pasture has got to be better for her leg.

We celebrated Easter Dinner on Friday because my sister is working Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and we didn't want to celebrate without her there. It was kinda nice, but I missed my riding time on Friday.

Sooo... today I thought I would go get a ride on Princess. She was good as always. I rode inside for a while, while Rochelle was lunging Moxie and then Barb and Jessica came and wanted to go for a trail ride, so I got off Princess and waited for them. They are in no hurry, so I washed Princess tail, because it had kinda a yellowy tinge to it. The water from the hose was warm from it sitting in the sun all day, so that was nice on my fingers, I washed and rinsed it and it was almost fry by the time we went riding, so when I turned her out, it wouldn't get all dirty right away.

I have been moving the boys from the round pen at night to the pens in the daytime. Dinero has been having problems with rushing out the gate, so we been going in and out the gate at least five times every morning and night. I think its starting to pay off because yesterday morning I had him about half way through the gate and George was being silly and bucking, and a big gust of wind came up and Neil started his tractor all at the same time and he tensed up and then stopped. I was so proud of him! Those things aren't scary alone, but all at once...yikes.

Today he was in a hurry to get to his feed, cause I was a little late, and when I walked in the pen, he hit me in the face with his nose. Ouch!! He knew that was a bad idea right away because he just backed up and stood in the corner. I was kinda surprised, but said in a deep voice he was bad, and he walked up to me with his head hanging really low. I think he was feeling bad, so I just ignored it, haltered him and took him to his dinner. he was good after that.


Shirley said...

Our mares got to go out on grass for a while yesterday too. Chickory has been pushy in the gates lately, guess I need to work on her manners before I get hurt!

fernvalley01 said...

Spring is in the air , the horse at my place are so eager for grass !there is a lot of "jockeying for position around gates here too