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Monday, April 26, 2010

More Beaver Dams

This morning, Neil convinced me again to help him pull out beaver dams. I wasn't that enthused about it, but I guess it gots to be done. The first one was on kinda a curve, so we were actually both on the same side of the creek pulling back and forth and there was a lot of water backed up there. We finished that one, and moved it another one not that far away. That was fine, until Neils tractor wouldn move, he tried to change gears, and it wouldn't go into gear, so he got out and there was a tree stump stuck under where the gears are. So that was the end of pulling out that beaver dam. We drove together in my tractor home.
(A picture of the tearer outter)

We got home had lunch then Neil fed his heifers and turned them out, then he moved the calves out to the corner, because the vet was gonna come on Thursday to test bulls and the weather looks like its gonna be bad on wed, Thurs, Fri, so he wants to do it before it turns icky again.

(Afterwards, lots of water coming out!)


fernvalley01 said...

We have a few beaver dams around here that are causing trouble too. I hate to wreck the houses but , we need water too

CCC said...

Not more ucky weather! I gotta get my grass mowed.

When is that baby coming? I feel like an expectant grandmother. Well, almost-you know what I mean. Not that I'm hinting (again). Hope you're day's a good one.

Shirley said...

Love your new header! That mare has a wide load goin' on!