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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snowy and Gypsy

Well we are back to winter around here again. Its supposed to snow 15-20 centimeters of snow (6-8 inches) tonight and then melt by tomorrow. Yikes why cant we just have rain.

Anyways, I forgot to put in who Gypsy was bred to, and i better do that before you all decide the color. His name is Fintry War Chief and he is a bay roan. Her last foal was from him and she was bay roan, I'm not sure but he might always throw roans. He is Quarter horse and she has never had painted color foal, so I'm not holding out for that. I do however hope she doesn't have a bay roan colt, cause that's Neils favorite color and I had planned to sell it, but if he likes it...So if anyone wants to change there mind on color, I'm okay with that, not sure why I never thought of it yesterday.

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CCC said...

Then I'm thinking a bay roan, colt on April 22. Keeping my fingers crossed. Neil will be so happy if I win. Yaaaah!