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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Mares

Well I finally DNA'd Belle today. Not sure why I put it off so long cause it took like 5 minutes. I think it took longer to catch her than to get the hairs. I hope I pulled enough hair. The kit says to take about 50, which it seems like a lot until you actually look at them. I know there were lots of roots, so I am sure it will work fine. I meant to do it when we got there feet done, but forgot till I got in the house and they were all turned out again. I think the episode with Razz made me forget all else.

Razz looks good by the way, I had a good look at her lip and she still has a mark there, but its not swollen and seems less tender than before.

And Gypsy, I sure like her, more and more every time I'm around her. She just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, just happy to do whatever you ask her to. Its sure nice to have a horse willing to please.

I think I'm gonna have to get them some kind of a pellet. I have been feeding oats every day for about 2 months and it seems like its not enough, they don't seem so have the "extra" that horses usually get this time of year. Ans they are sure losing hair like crazy. I should get my brushes out there and help them shed more, cause they gotta be itchy.


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm always worried when I pull hairs for DNA if I've pulled enough too. But they never tell me I didn't. You'll probably be fine too. LOL I think it's that number that gets us.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I want to know more about the DNA. Is it just for the registration?
I wonder if I should fee Apache something else like some pelleted feed, but she seems to be doing well on the grass hay alone. I think the teeth floating was a huge help, too. She can now actually use all the hay she puts in her mouth.

Apache was shedding, but has slowed down. I wonder if she knows something I don't? More snow maybe? gah!