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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bailey and Linda and Princess

Today I went over and rode Bailey with Lou, but after only about 10 minutes, Linda showed up. She wanted to ride her colt but was a little worried about it, so she brought her husband to try him first. I got off and visited with her and Doug rode him and he was really good. Pretty mouthy on the bit, I think it was too long, but he did eventually get used to it, so maybe its okay. I rode Bailey again for a while and then Susan came and we visited with her, she never rode, but we visited anyways. I showed Linda and Doug how cool and fun Baileys rollbacks are and they were surprised. After everyone left, I soaked and re wrapped Princess foot. The infection looks like its getting better, less black looking and more yellowy green. I took some pics, but they never showed up very good.

Then I used a flash and its a little better, but not great.

Its getting better I think, she gets and antibiotic everyday on her grain and eats it right up. Its not that deep and she seems sounder than before. I have never had to deal with a abscess before, but it looks weird to me cause in the hole looks like a bubble, but i guess as long as its draining and shes getting sounder its working.

I am having a problem with our dogs, they keep wandering away to the neighbor, not our closest neighbor, but one that is like 5 miles away. We had Betty-Sue tied up for one night and they were good, but then we tried to tie up the puppy and she slipped her collar and they are gone again tonight. I think its time to get rid of one (or i would prefer both) dogs. I don't want a dog I have to tie up or wanders away. Any suggestions would be handy.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. The abcess looks nasty and weird. I'm glad it's starting to heal up, though. I'll have to go back and read how it happened in the first place. I've never dealt with one before either.
We have a GSD that will take off and roam if she's not on a leash or in her fenced in area of the yard.
We had her spayed last year. She's over two years old now, but the spaying and her age makes no difference. She's got that wanderlust.

So, I've got no advice.