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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winters back, for now...

Sure have been having yucky weather here, its been cold and windy for the last tow days. I was getting used to having spring weather. I know its early yet for spring, but I am just getting tired of winter.

I went over to see my pony and it was so cold and snowy I put her in the barn and fed her then decided I would go to town instead of ride, so I did and as I came outta the stores, it was nicer, so I went back and we had a coffee, then Jardi had lessons, so I just brushed up Bailey and redid her tail braid and turned her out.

Princess was looking sad because she didnt get her turn outside today becasue its so wet, so I gave her some extra treats and headed home, I will give her extra attention today.

I had a roast readym, so Neil turned on the oven and when I got home it sure smelled good and it was nice to come home to supper ready.

I'm pretty sure that spring is on the way, cause today I seen a snowy owl, they must be passing through to go back up north, and I seen a herd of antelope, and they leave and head for the river in the wonter and come back in the spring. So good news I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Alas it is only March, I'd rather have the cold weather now than during calving. Good to hear Neil cooks.....does he want to do a clinic??