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Friday, March 5, 2010


Well the farrier was out and tested Princess foot and it looks like she has an abscess. We are going on Monday to get it dug out and luckily it seems low and so it shouldn't be too big a deal. I went over today and soaked it and wrapped it. I think she is pretty sore but liking living in a stall. She looks at us with the saddest eyes. I don't like that when there is nothing we can do for her. I am going back tomorrow and soaking her and Sid's foot as well.

On Monday we are going to take a trailer full and get there teeth done as well. I am gonna take Bailey. I am still debating on weather to leave her up there or take her home. I would like to leave her there, but she gets worried when they are in the big corral, even though no one is bothering her. She tends to lose weight pretty easy and I don't want that to happen to her.

Anyways, since I couldn't ride Princess, Barb came out and was feeling ill, so she asked me to ride Dusty for her. It was kinda fun, and if my pony doesn't get better soon, I will eventually have ridden every horse there. Not that I mind that, but I kinda like riding my own ponies cause there is no shortage of them.

I worry for Princess, I know shes not feeling well and I hope shes okay till Monday. I just wanna spend forever with her and comfort her.


Shirley said...

One thing you can do for an abscess is to get a medicine boot-looks like an easy boot, but softer; I think the Mill Store has them- and put a thick layer of damp Epsom Salt in it and leave it on, I did this when I worked at a thoroughbred farm and it works really well, the Epsom salt draws all the infection out and wearing the boot keeps it clean so it can't get contaminated from dirt or manure.I took it off once a day and put fresh salt in, in a few days the horse was fine.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ahhhh, so this is where it all began. I'm sorry she's not feeling well and dealing with the abcess. I know you've been very worried about her, too.