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Monday, March 8, 2010

Vet and Riding Bailey

Well we went to the vet today and I thought I might as well get a ride on Bailey since I was stopping at the barn this morning before the vet. I almost turned around and never rode because I forget what she is like and she is so very energetic and alive. I finally sucked it up and got on her in the arena. She must have a good memory cause she hasn't been there since October and she noticed everything that was different, the new pole, the mechanical cow, the plywood int he corner, the jumps in the corner. it was an adventure just seeing everything else. After her curiosity was satisfied, we did a little trot both ways and she knocked over the giant pylon and jumped away from it, so we just walked around and cooled out. She was damp and it was only about 25 minutes. I forgot she sweats a lot too, unlike Razz or Princess. I brushed Princess and visited with her until it was time to load the horses for the vet.

We got there and they dug out Princess' abscess and it wasn't very deep, maybe 1/2". Black gooey tar like stuff drained out and he said to keep soaking it and wrapping it and she should be better in 10-14 days. Then we looked at her teeth and she had lots of points that had calloused her cheek, so we filed them ff and she was very good, considering he didn't give her very much sedative cause of her no putting weight on her foot. We also tried to find Sid's abscess, but it was too high and he wasn't showing any sore spots on the sole. Sid and Sage also had their teeth done. They checked Baileys teeth, and he said they are good.

So all in all, one horse just came for fun, although I'm not sure she thinks so, and not too big a bill even, until I get the one for all the work Jardi is putting in taking care of her.


Tracey said...

Oh, dang, those horses who get snorty with the least little change can drive a person to drink sometimes, can't they?

Shirley said...

A good day overall! Like that last photo.