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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well today was the day. Neil went to the sedation dentist to get 2 teeth pulled. he was very nervous because he has never had anesthetic before. I am so glad everything turned out very well, afterwards he was feeling great, no pain or anything. Whew. Its also good he went because they had a very hard time pulling them out. He got instructions before that he couldn't smoke 24 hours ahead, eat past midnight, or drink water three hours before surgery (12:30). This was prolly the hardest, he can hardly live without morning coffee, I thought the smoking would be worst, but not so much.

During his time there, about 2 hours, I dropped him off and went and picked up my sister and she took me for lunch at the Olive Garden. I had Chicken Alfredo and she had Cheese Ravioli. Both very good dishes. And of course the salad and bread sticks before almost fill you up.

And since I keep seeing pics of everyone else's donkeys, I thought I would share a pic of my favorite ones: