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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Boys and The Roundpen

Yesterday afternoon it got kinda nice out and so I thought I better start working with the boy. He forgets manners after not being reminded all the time. I am hoping soon he will be sent somewhere to start, I gotta make some phone calls yet.

So I started a snowstorm, wow does he have a lot of hair! He was liking the shedding blade, especially under his mane. It looks like he has rubbed it off under there, but his mane isn't rubbed. I'm wondering if it just got too hot and started coming out, cause it just falls out when i brush it. I cant believe how long his mane is and so thick. I rubbed some MTG into his mane and under it hoping if its itchy that will help, its not very pretty now cause its kinda yellow and it stinks! He doesn't seem to have any dandruff under there so that's a good sign.

I let him graze a little in the yard cause he gets bored in the round pen. I think I'm gonna move them to the other pens in the daytime so they can see more and get a different view for a while.

Last night the school put on a dinner and talent show to raise money for building a school in Kenya. They did a really good job, there were dances, puppet shows, solos and skits. It was a nice evening.

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