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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday March 25

I did get to realx yesterday and it was so nice. I also did laundry and washed dishes and cleaned, but there was no pressure to get it done, so that was evenkinda nice.

We been watching some of the scotties tournament of curling from Swift current. The ladies are pretty good curlers, even if Jennifer Jones lost last night, still in first place overall. Neil would watch all the games, but unfortunatly work has to be done as well. I dont want to watch as many, jut the highlights are enough.

The boys are living in my round pen for now till the water is open in the dugouts so they can go in the pasture north of the house. They kinda like being in (lots of food and attention) but I think they want to be out as well, especially George, he hasnt spent much time in a corral, always on pature. Dinero just likes everything.
They play pretty hard together those two. I thought an older gelding wouldnt, but its fun to watch the two of them playing, of course they stop when they see me.

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