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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bailey and Princess Update

Today was our regularly scheduled riding lesson and since I left Bailey there, I rode her in the lesson. She was pretty good, but I have to remember how to ride her because she is sooo different from either Razz or Princess.

She is so much quicker in her reactions, and she LOVES rollbacks. We went to rollback and she didn't stop very well, but backed up really well and I put my leg on her to turn her and she just jumped around and into a canter! I wasn't ready for it and wow! It was fun, and a little better stopping the next few times. It is so much fun to ride her. I cant wait till next time I get to ride her. We measured her cause I thought she looked bigger and lo and behold, she made 15 hands! I never thought she would get that tall, she was always little, figures it took 6 years to finally get there.

We also soaked Princess' foot and it looks like she is less sore and there was no more pussy stuff coming from her foot. I cleaned her and Sid's stalls and then headed to town to buy the wood for the floor in the basement, time to get that done.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Sounds like you've got velcro butt being able to stay on through all of her fast moves. Good for you!