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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Princess and Hypnotist

Yesterday I went out to the barn to see the Princess and she was looking so much better! She is still super sore, but seems way happier and not laying around looking sad all day. I took her out and soaked her foot and she was so good I brushed her than cleaned her stall while she was soaking. She only stepped outta the pail once when the dogs jumped up and surprised her. I put o the poultice pad and vet wrap and we wrap it all in duct tape to keep it good. Barb asked me to do her horse as well cause she couldn't be there (she had a recall on her Toyota and was getting it fixed) so I waited for Charlene cause Sid is kinda bad about standing still and I thought I might want help. I actually stood by him and held his leg in the water and she cleaned his stall. he is NOT a good patient, he is restless, cant stand still and is just impatient! I'm glad my pony is good. Bored I'm sure, but happy to see anyone or even another horse.

Shirley, you mentioned the boots and we do have 2 of those boots, we aren't keeping the foot soaking in them, but Sid has one over top of the tape, cause he paces in his stall. Princess doesn't have one on now because she just mostly stands still, but after we go to the vet tomorrow, she will prolly get one on to try and keep it cleaner. Ours are made by easy boot, called easy soaker.

After they were all done, me and Charlene went down to Outlaws for a couple drinks and then I went to the hypnotist with a bunch from the barn. Out of 8 of us, there were 4 volunteers, unfortunately none got real hypnotized. Justin couldn't get his mind to quit thinking, Lu was too worried about not being able to do all those things, and Cathrine and her mom "woke up" when they talked about eating Ice cream cause they both don't like it!

There were 5 people who were really hypnotized and it was a good show, as was the turkey dinner we had before hand. I got home around 12:30, so really not too late, although it sure felt like it this morning.

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Shirley said...

Glad you have those boots, they really make life easier.
Hope your mare gets better soon!