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Friday, December 30, 2016

More Christmas

We had a great Christmas, quieter than a lot of years but I like that.  My Mom made a sign/announcement for us all.

So I was worried it would be all desert which I love of course but I need real food sometimes so I brought a round loaf of bread with spinach dip and another one baked into a ham/cheese loaf both were delicious.  I love the recipe I found for round loaves its so easy and only 2 hours from start to finish, quicker than my breadmaker.   And no kneading its great I have made it a few times since even.

Also made a sleigh out of rice krispies and some cookies and date squares.  I do like baking when its for something like this.

We opened stockings on Christmas Eve and a few presesnts.  My sister and family were not coming out on Christmas Day so we didn't want to miss them.  The rest we opened the next day with my Aunt Cindy and Jerry and Misty.  Was good to see them I don't see them that often anymore and even though all are on Facebook its nice to get in touch for real.

(dollar store nails they were fun
 I had to trim them quite a bit though this was more than long enough)

Oh and this happened!  I guess he called my Mom a few days before and it was even a surprise to her cause she didn't think it would happen there.  How  exciting for my sister.  I'm so happy for them.

I got spoiled by my family this year again.  I cant even say what my favorite present is.  I am so loving the heated coat it works so well.  And those bathroom pictures my sister made I have been bugging her for years to make me some and she finally did :)  And who can go wrong with a horse toque or puzzle or coloring book or ranch cook book.  And I never knew I wanted a mermaid tail till I got one, I love it use it every day!

My moms dog Cheyenne was so cute begging for beef jerky I had to laugh cause she was sitting on my spatula.  And Bonnie's dog Rupert in his gopher pose and Cindy's dog Angel enjoying my mermaid tail (she was sitting on me all night then I left and she stayed lol.

And we had brought some games to play and we didn't use them all so me and Neil entertained ourselves for a couple hours making 3d puzzles.  He made the Huey Helicopter and I made the CN Tower.  It was so much fun for $3 from the dollar store lol

All in all a fun Christmas season.  Only thing I missed out on was riding on Christmas Eve again but it was cold and windy so I skipped, maybe next year.


TeresaA said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful. I was able to ride Christmas eve but on the day- it was too cold!

Mrs Shoes said...

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2017!

"recipe I found for round loaves its so easy and only 2 hours from start to finish, quicker than my breadmaker. And no kneading"

Hint, hint... How about sharing that recipe?

Sherry Sikstrom said...

looks like a lovely family Christmas!Happy New Year

Shirley said...

Congratulations to your sister!
Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, and I really had to look to figure out what you meant by the mermaid- it looks very cuddly/cosy!