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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Been slacking at blogging again but that's cause I'm still having trouble getting pics downloaded onto my computer its quite annoying.  I even tried to load pics into blogger on my hone but when I open it here that post has disappeared.  Grr.

Anyways been cold here for a couple weeks I kinda been staying inside as much as possible but life still goes on.  Had a craft sale at Cessford and also went to one in Brooks.  Made more at the 6 hour local one than 2 days in Brooks was pretty disappointed about that was kinda a waste to go there next year will probly do Cessford and Duchess.
(my booth in Cessford)

(the got Ariel to come to the craft sale in Brooks and she's my sisters favorite 
so I got a pic with her and send it away to my sister)

Also went to the Spruce meadows craft fair and that is always such a good one.  I dont think I could afford a table there but I still like to go and see.  And the best thing there is the reindeer!  And the mini horses that were shaved, so adorable.

I haven't been riding much between everything going on but did get a couple rides in and I got Char to take a couple pics of me on Pally.  Shes much better outside but that's OK I mostly wanna ride out anyways.

 Also had the massage lady out to do chiro and massage on the mares and they all needed a little bit, specially Jess which I kinda thought shes why I got her out.  Her withers were crooked.  Even Pally was a little out in the hips but not much and boy was she happy afterwards it was funny.  And Razz was out a bit in the jaw and hips.  She was done first and she wouldn't leave us alone.  And then I spoiled them and gave them oats.

Spent a couple weeks looking at horses for a friend to buy.  It sure is a lot more fun when looking for others :)  I love seeing whats out there and talking to people about horses.  Sure a lot of different people out there.  One horse was a young girl trying to do everything and run out of time, another was a girl who ended up buying a broke horse and has too many, another was at an English barn they sure do things differently, and another was a breeder who had way way too many horses and nothing done with any of them.  Kinda cool.

I got my tree up a week ago and now have all my presents wrapped and under it.  I am done shopping so early this year I love it!  I am not sure what the plans for Christmas here are, I kinda like to stay home but of course my Mom wants us to go to her place and sit around all day and feed us snacks.  Its nice to visit but it makes for a super long day.

Missed the Christmas train cause I don't like to go out at night and it was at 8:30 in Brooks and -23 so I stayed home.


TeresaA said...

It's been busy. And I agree that it's far more fun to horse shop for someone else...

Shirley said...

I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas! Just getting started!
I think I'd like horse shopping for someone else too, more fun than having to pay for it yourself. Did she end up choosing one?