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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Whew A Long Month!

Yikes so much has happened since last time but I've been struggling with uploading pictures and finally today got them here to share with you :)

After Jax came home he was in with George, Jess and Razz in the pasture.  Then we had to wean so they had to get out of there so we could get our cows home through there.  No problem it was time to move them to winter pasture anyways so they came in for a few days.
(hmm I think she ate the whole bale)

(this pic makes me laugh makes George look huge!)

(And he is kinda lol, they are best friend, only 3.1 hands difference)

 I was brave and turned out Easy and Trio and Pally in the winter pasture.  That was hard for me to let him out there when I don't think he's ever seen barb wire and such big places.  But boy was he happy!  If he coulda giggled that day I'm sure he woulda.  Made me happy to watch him.

Then a week or so later I had a lady ask me about Trio, I had her listed for sale on a couple sites, a little interest but not a lot.  She was looking for a colt with out too much handling that wasn't gonnna kick her head off.  They run a grazing coop and her husband has lots of experience starting colts but she doesn't and wanted to.  We talked a lot she liked her and in a couple days her husband was coming by with the trailer and if he liked her then she would go with them.  So he came one foggy morning and he liked what he saw, was really just looking for quiet and straight and she passed.  So off she went.  I did the fall horsemanship challenge with her and never got my hours in with her cause she sold before it was over, but I'm glad.  Makes my life a little less complicated right now.  Although I will say I have never had an unhandled colt that was so desensitized, she was weird but cool.  Rope around belly no big deal, rope on foot leading her around no big deal,  First time I haltered her just walked up to her in the pen and put the halter on.  And within minutes she was leading (following really but at that stage I took it)

So now I'm down to 5 (and Neil's George) and its working well.  All the geldings are out for the winter and the mares are in.  I'd really like to have only 3 but I have 5 I really like right now.  Although have debated on selling Pally next July after branding season but we will see.

We got our cows weaned and preg checked and dries sold.  We are gonna buy a few more bred cows but the sales don't start till December.
(Huge bunch of steers sold together it was cool to fill the ring)

The weather has been so nice this fall, was 25*C today.   That's unheard of in November should be negative but I am not complaining I love it, been riding quite a bit, haven't even got my arena membership yet cause its too nice out.

(helping a friend with a colts first ride out)

(Neil and George)

(Weaning at the neighbors, I had bronchitis 
but he needed the help so I went 
and he let me stay on my horse in the corral rather than on foot)

(even took a couple lessons)

Also went to a tack sale and sold a lot of stuff, might go again in March if I have time.  AndHalloween, how can I forget??

(geese headed south west)

Am way ahead this fall compared to most years cause we have had an extra moth of nice weather so I love that!


TeresaA said...

You have been very busy! Here's hoping for an easy winter.

Shirley said...

A good month so far. That's great that you got Trio a good home.

Country Gal said...

Sounds like a very busy month for you indeed . Lovely photos . It has been nice here in Ontario to this November so far but it seems to be coming to an end as the winds are cold now . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Mrs Shoes said...

House is looking good, really like that stacked stone accent.

4RRanch said...

Got to love the weather. And nice when a sale works out.