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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Pics

Last Thursday the weather was gorgeous of course I was busy getting ready to go for Christmas but I took a few minutes and went out and got Jess.  I decked her up in a scarf and antlers and was gonna take a few pics around the yard and then Neil comes by so I ask if he will take a couple of us.  He says sure are you gonna get on?  Well I hadn't planned on it but why not.  So I climb up the fence and got on and she leaves, well I only had the halter on her and so we made a few small circles cause I could only go one way haha.  Then got to where I kinda wanted and we got a few, not great but I'm not complaining he took quite a few and there is a lot where she is moving or her ears were back but that's fine there are some decent ones so that's all I care about.

It was a lot of fun.  Was gonna get Razz and Pally out Friday and dress them up but of course had a cold wind come in and cool it off so they missed out....or rather I missed out I'm sure they don't mind lol.  And as I brought Jess back I grabbed the salt block and put it back, Neils dad always takes i out cause he thinks horses don't lick it, I should show him my pics.

And I got a cow pic the other day while Neil was chopping water and so I decorated her for Christmas too haha.

And we decorated the wall the other day too, I have never seen if before but the way the sun come in the window in the living room looked like we had a painting on the wall, wish it woulda stayed.


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Good girl Jess! I like the ear cam shot :)
That's funny that Neil's dad takes the salt block out.