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Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Saddle

So that Sherri Cervi Barrel saddle I had I sold earlier this year.  I really liked it but was a bit wide for Jess which I didn't think was possible!  But I had shims for it but I wasn't very good at using them and the seat was a bit small for me so it went to a nice lady who had a treeless but wanted a wide saddle.  Haven't heard from her but I hope it worked for her.

But now that I have to use my cutting saddle on her cause its the only one that fits her.  And it's the only one that fits Easy makes it a bit awkward cause they do not use the same cinch size.  And I was having fun running barrels on Jess so when I decided to look for another saddle that fit her I figured go barrel again.  Razz fits both the cutting saddle and my ranch saddle, not sure how that works but its ok with me makes it easier.  So this winter I will use the ranch saddle on Pally, the cutter on Razz and the barrel on Jess.  Perfect no adjusting anything all winter :)
(this is how spoiled my mares are, lol a free choice bale and straw to lay in.  
The straw was for the bulls but they got moved, 
and the horses rarely use the straw but they can if they want.)

I had been looking on and off since summer, saw a few, some so far away and some maybe fit but I would have to try and if not close that's a pain and I did get kinda busy this fall.  But then here a couple weeks ago I saw this:

Hmm sounds like the right size for me and maybe 8 is better than 10.  Was still unsure and it was cccold out and I would need to try it on Jess for sure before buying.  Well It's a long ways away again, I messaged her and said I like it but wanna try it on my horse as soon as it gets warm out.  She said sure.  So then Saturday we were going to look at another horse over that way and I said why don't I bring my trailer and we can go try the saddle too.  She agreed and so we did.  Was a long trip but Jess was a champ.  Caught her before daylight loaded her and when we got home was after dark as well.  The saddle fit her good just did a mini ride...I was on but led around what a weird feeling lol.  I bought it and we left.  And we never bought the other horse, search is still on.

Then Tuesday weather was nice and I was itching to ride so got Jess and after finding the right cinch and getting everything organized was ready!  I still think it fits her well, whew.  She was so eager to go was a nice feeling usually she is kinda pokey as we leave the yard.  But after the chiro and a good fitting saddle I think she was as excited as me to go :)

And afterwards I snapped some pics to see how it fit and I think it worked well, stayed put and no gaps, not tight anywhere.

And I tried out the Northwoods Farms new riding app and it seemed to work well.  And a sneak peak of the selfie for entering the Northwoods Farms 12 Week Challenge in January.
(I don't look great but Jess is cute lol)

(cool app enter your horses, hit start to log time and stop when you are done. 
 Then can add session notes as well.  Great way to keep track of rides and time.)

Can't wait to ride again!!!


Shirley said...

Gotta love a good fitting saddle! Hope you get to run barrels on her next year, that should be fun.

cdncowgirl said...

With that app, can you keep track of multiple horses? And does it let you log lots of rides?
I can't remember for sure but I thought the old one maxed out rides and only let you track one horse.

Crystal said...

I guess you can add as many horses as you want, the original only allowed 8. Im not sure on number of rides, I only have 2 so far lol