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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Ride!!!

Today I was gonna take my trailer over to Jardis cause sometimes the lights work and sometimes they don't, so her son will look at them and see if he can fix it.

So I never brought Bailey cause I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna bring the trailer home, and I didn't so that was a good choice. But she was going to the vet (again) and I went along. Again its nice to go and not have it be mine. There was a horse who cut his foot and it healed amazingly well so far, and a mare who got her leg cut somehow and it looks good so far. And a mare everyone thought she was pregnant and seh did run with a stud last summer, but the vet couldn't feel anything, so I guess shes just fat.

After we got back I got to finally ride Dinero. He was afraid of going into the barn, so I said to Tangle to make noise, and he did, but Dinero still didn't want to walk in. Finally we got him in and he decided it was alright (I think it helped there was hay on the floor, lol.)

I was happy with him, and cant wait to go back and ride again.
I walked him around the arena and looked in the mirror and at all the stuff in there, and he was fine, so Jardi got Twister ready and I got on him and he was really good. We walked a few times both directions and then I trotted while she walked and then she trotted while I just waked and he was so good the whole time, finally relaxing at the end. So I called it quits after about 20 minutes and made him stand in the barn while we talked and stuff, then untacked him and fed him.


Shirley said...

Don't you just love it when the first ride goes well!

CCC said...

Hurray for you (and Dinero). Is he tall enough that it's hard to get on yet.?If not, I bet it will be. And then there's Fly, oh my.