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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Riding in the Hoodoos

Yesterday was so much fun. I got a call saying Jardis arena was too wet to ride in, so they were going to ride at the hoodoos, and did I want to ride down there, so of course I do, the arena there is really nice and so I hauled Bailey over and Jardi brought Dinero with her. (Lu's horse Sandy)

I rode Dinero first and he was so good! he is so brave. I walked him around the arena first, and he was a little looky, but not bad, so I got on and we walked around and there are barrels around the outside, but instead of shying at them, he walks right up to them and puts his nose on them! I think he would be easy to clicker train, cause he sure wants to put his nose on everything. I rode with Susan for a while, them Jardi and Charlene come in and hes never rode with that many people before. We sat at the end and watched Charlene have a lesson, and he was kinda bored for that, but I was impressed. I may even try and lope today if hes still good. (Bailey and Dinero after riding, standing nice, yay)

Bailey was so fat and out of shape, and if I am gonna take her on a trip to the mountains, I figured I should start riding her. She was good as always, a little energetic, but i diddnt last long cause she was puffing after 5 minutes of trot, lol. I didnt ride her very hard, but I will ride her again today and I dont think it will take much to get her in shape. (Charlene and Fancy after her lesson)

I took some pics of her and Dinero together and she is a little taller than him, but not by much. It feels taller but I think its just wider.

Afterwards we went down and had dinner and Fred and Barnys (chinese Buffet) for Katies 16th birthday. It was pretty good, but makes for along day. I never got home till 11 last night. And going back agian today. I may bring Dinero home now, and just trailer him and Bailey over there until the arena dries up a little. (Other Charlene riding Rou on Barrels, I dont know how to get a light enough picture thats not blurry indoors, so I took like 50 of them)


Shirley said...

Dinero is looking really good, lotsa muscle on that boy. Is Baily sound now- did you ever figure out exactly what was going on with her?

fernvalley01 said...

They look good, Bailey looks like a good big mare. She is sound now?

CCC said...

Riding in the hoodoo's eh? It's pretty hard footing, is it slippery for horses hooves?

Crystal said...

The footing is amazing there, its worked up every day and watered just enough not to be dusty, its awesome!
And Bailey seems sound now, she isnt short striding anymore but still a little resistant to move forward easily, I think she is a little stiff, but its coming

Linda said...

I've always wanted to ride in the hoodoo's....Fred and Barney's is great....we go there every time we go to Drum.