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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stills

This week we had to take some pictures of shadows. Its harder than I thouhgt, since I quite often accidentally get something shadowed, but when trying to getting on purpose...not so easy.

I have a Poplar tree from our back yard

And a fence brace

And one of mares and colts

And one of Bailey

Lastly we have me as I have always wanted to be-Tall and Skinny, lol (but i wish I wasn't holding a bucket)

For more go to Sunday stills.


gtyyup said...

LOL...that's the only I ever get to be tall too! Nicely done! BTW...love your header shot...gorgeous!

CCC said...

glad your head isn't that small though.

Shirley said...

I agree this was a tough challenge; I really had to work at it. I did a tall skinny one too! :0)

Linda said...

I've always wanted to be tall and skinny too...never thought my shadow might just be that.

Rising Rainbow said...

Funny about the bucket! Don't know why that tickled me, but it did. lol

Brenda said...

The baby seems to be looking at his shadow.

Anonymous said...

wow the last one.... a very long shadow, well i love your blog pic with horses, stunning!!