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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Womens Grazing School part 2

The second day of grazing school was even better than the first if possible. There was so much to learn and so little time.
The farm we were staying at raised wild boars. I worked at a place that raised them and did not like them, not even to eat, but I guess they are a specialty food, so someone must like them.

They had a four foot fence and a hot wire at the top and bottom, one to keep them from rooting, and the other to keep them from climbing over.

There was also a stock dog demonstration, first a border collie and she was good, but more arena/trail like, but very well trained, she could put the dog wherever she wanted her, kinda neat

Then this mixed breed dog (border collie, Australian heading dog and something else) and he was still learning, but a totally different type of working dog

There was also a talk on distributing your cows in the fields better, and a demo on electric fencing

Cant wait to go again next year, and yes I went with CCC, we always have great time!

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gtyyup said...

You and CCC almost got me confused...similar photos, same school...different blog. I'm too old for you two to mess with my head like that!

Glad you had fun; looked like a great school.