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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving up North

Well we finally got to Stettler today. Wow I never thought it was gonna actually happen. We got up early, Neil run the cows in and said at 8 we will split them, so I go out at 8 and he's just leaving the corrals saying they are all ready to go! I guess he wants to get them up there as well. Our trucker cam early, so we loaded up and off we went. I tried something different with the dogs, I waited till the trucker and Neil left, then I got ready, fed the dogs and told them to stay home. Not sure they understand, but one can try.

We got to our place about 12:30 and unloaded and then decided to go to Donalda for lunch. We actually had breakfast and its always good there. And cheap. We each got a pan scrambler with toast, I had coke and Neil had beer all for $23. Not bad.

The grass up there is awesome! Its all tame but it just grow and grows. I am sure the cows just love going up there, not very far to move till they are full, and water everywhere as well. And trees to rub on too.

On they way home we stopped at the chiropractor to get all fixed up and we were talking about how the government doesn't pay anymore and Neil said ya its now $30 a crack. I laughed and he never even realized what he said, lol.

Sure was wet up there as well, the hutterites have a garden across the road from our pasture (and it sure looks A LOT better than mine!) but it was getting flooded, so they put an old door in front of the culvert to stop it, well the water was going over the road, so the county came out and removed it and now they have dug a huge dugout, but meanwhile our slough is super over flooded, but I liked how the clouds were reflected in the water, unfortunately it also means out cows won't get to the east side because they won't go through the water.

So all in all we got 46 pairs and a blind steer up there. Hope blindy does alright, he just seems to hang around the other cows and it might be easier where the pasture is smaller.


fernvalley01 said...

wow ! that is a lot of water in a pretty dry area usually. When you mentioned Donalda I smiled a bit , I was there a couple years ago for Martins family reunion (Norman family ) seems to me there is a mural downtown of his Grandmothers family

Shirley said...

Sounds like everything went slick, that last photo is quite nice.Still a lot of water though! Hopefully you will get all the sunshine that we have in our forecast for the next week or so.

Crystal said...

Funny about the family reunion, we went to one up there for Neils family (kinda more towards Red Willow) for the Lysters.

CCC said...

That's the coolest cloud reflections I've ever seen. And that Neil, what a joker and he doesn't even know it.