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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Answers and Observations

Well I got all kinds of questions in the last few blogs, so I thought I would answer a few for you (mostly Linda, lol)

About introducing foals to the herd.

This year my mares who were foaling were all in the same pasture all winter except Razz who joined them in March, and I kept them separate from the geldings and Bailey just to make it easier for me and them as well. So far they are all still alone in their field with Bailey and George ac cross the road from them.

I thought you had too many horses?

Well I have lots of horses, but 3 mares with babies can't ride them now, Bailey is lame, and Dinero is getting started. So maybe next week or the week after I will have him home, and I may start using Bailey a little for some easy rides and see how she is doing.

Editing Photos.

I have had so much help in the last little while on editing photos. I right now am using Picasa which was recommended by a friend (and free) and am by now means perfect, but also 7MSN ranch is helping on that.

What did you do with the little dun gelding?

I am assuming this in Henry, and I sold him last spring to friends who used to take the annual trial ride with us. He was a pretty good horse, totally safe, but very rough and hard on my knees. I also taught him all kinds of things that now annoy me in a horse, but I didn't know any better at the time, so Janice doesn't mind as she is only gonna trail rid on him.

And here is a picture of my wagon, but there is also one on the wagon for sale page. As well as all I know about it.

We also moved 40 head up to the community pasture today in the rain as the trail ride and branding were postponed till Monday, at least the branding is Monday, not sure about the trail ride or not. Now we need to get 55 head up to Stettler, 5 more brandings and we will be done till haying time in July.


fernvalley01 said...

Sorry got another question , what is wrong with Bailey ? how was she injured I don't recall reading it

Shirley said...

Love your new header!