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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Scenic Route

(This is for CCC, it's that acreage)

On Saturday we went to Calgary because it was my Grandpas 75th birthday. He is feeling so cheerful and happy its kinda weird. He was all depressed after his heart surgery and then my Gramma passed away, but now hes happy and its so awesome, but weird. We were talking about the 50 million and he says "what do you need money for, when we are all healthy?" So true, but just different. (a cool gate we came across)

Anyways we took some road across to Calgary that Neil says oh this one goes strait across, lets take it. Well not so much strait and not paved and very interesting, but it did get us where we wanted to go, although a little later than we thought, but that's okay.(the view of the valley)

We stayed overnight at my sisters because we watched the boys till she got home from work on Sunday, then we went to Princess Auto an on the way home finally. We got about half way home and Neil says again "wonder where this road goes?" So we take it and it didn't quite make it to the river, but sure some beautiful views from their, so we stopped and took pictures and seen buildings we never knew where there before. At one point we could even see our house. But no way to get to it from there. (a oil lease and cows, then across the river the pig barns)


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like your hubby likes to play tourist

Shirley said...

The fifty million is on a lot of minds lately; our lottery ticket sales at work have taken a huge jump!
Glad your grandpa has a positive attitude.
Ted and I like to explore side roads too, just to see where they go.

CCC said...

Still dreaming on that one. It has such good neighbors. :)