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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rain, update and Jamaica

I went to see how the boarder is, and she actually did not break her neck, it is the t3 vertebrae I guess, the one between the shoulder blades where the second rib attaches. she seems okay, but gonna be real bored for 8 - 12 weeks. Its a compression fracture. She said she could feel something was wrong right away between the shoulder blades. Apparently the blazer had the visor smashed down to the center console. Scary!

Oh and looks like we had a total of 2.5 inches of rain, not near as much as places east and south of us, but still way more than we are used to. I went out and the horse pasture is under water, the horses are standing in water up to their ankles. At least the babies wont be afraid of water.

Oh and I was thinking of naming Belles colt Belles Jamaica. Does that sound to girly? It might be hard to call, but no more so than Dinero, lol. As long as no one calls him Jam.


Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear the boarder didn't break her neck. Hope she heals quickly.

As for names, I'm the worst in the world to ask. Takes me forever to come up with names for my foals. Still working on the one for this year.

Shirley said...

Glad to hear that the injuries weren't as severe as first thought. I dunno about Jamaica; it does sound more like a filly name and would probably end up as Jammi. -which isn't too bad! Have fun with the name game!

CCC said...

Well. . . Jamaica on the prairie. . . What's wrong with that picture?

Glad to her the injury wasn't quite as bad but back injuries are aweful too. She was lucky though, could have been a lot worse, eh?

lisa said...

I don't know if I would like the name Jam either!!