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Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Long Branding Days

Last weekend we had 3 big days.  It all started Wednesday I was supposed to help a neighbor move cows to a smaller field but they all showed up early and by the time I got there it was raining and they looked like they had it under control so I just visited and Jess didnt even get out of the trailer.  The next morning we had an early branding.  Me and Jessie got up early, we were ready and waiting by 6:15

My neighbor Craig come and picked me up and then we picked up Richard and off to Slorstads for more branding.  I was on the roundup crew.  I was kinda thinking of taking more horses but after an offer of a ride I figured one would be enough.  It was kinda a cool rainy day so it wasn't too hard.  Lots of black cattle there, I think over 900 over the whole day got branded.

The first group is always a hard one to get in, they know where the gate is and resist pretty hard but we got them all, and then after a coffee and a egg and ham bun we were off to the next bunch while they were branded.  We went to the corrals no idea whats going on and then we got there and there was a group of 100 heifers on what used to be farmland and they reseeded to grass/hay and boy was it thick, so much grass it was laying over.  Weird to see on a dry year like this.

As we gathered them closer to the corral we saw a few cows across the fence come up and thought nothing of it till we saw more and more and then a few riders.  Apperently everyone didn't get the message the heifers first and they got the cows.  Well a phone call later and they just let the cows rest in a big bunch.  They were told to leave them and have a beer, but they just stayed out there, they cows laid down and didn't even try to leave.

Stratton felt bad for them and wanted to bring them a beer and I said I had my saddle bags but they are pink and he was not interested.  But about 10 minutes later came by and asked how much beer they would hold.  So I grabbed them and we filled them up and off he went.  They were much appreciated.  I had to get a picture, its kinda blurry but no doubt about the pink :)

We got them in, it worked well and we went to get those cows in they just run in, was the fastest gather of that herd ever.  Had lunch and then on to the last bunch.

The last bunch come in pretty well and then we were done.  I took this pic when watching the storm rolling in.   It shows almost all the crew, kinda  a neat photo I thought.

Then this one as we were about to leave there was a rainbow with both ends on the ground.  The corrals are on a hill and I tried to get the whole rainbow and didn't see the trailers under it till later.  Turned out better than I planned for a phone pic.

Then after supper, Craig dropped me off and said he would be back in the morning at 7:30.  I said I don't go to Joan's branding and he said they need help hes coming so be ready.  Well I was ready.  Wasn't so bad, that extra hour of sleep was appreciated.  And he was right those cows tried everything to leave the group.  Glad they put them in a section field on Wednesday.  It was a super humid morning and we trotted through the field and Jess was sweaty from head to tail, Looked like we rode a lot harder than we really did.  Then after that I jumped in with Justin and headed over to Grants, we were a little late but we got in time to sort the cows and brand.  I was tired after 2 16 hour days.  Whew Saturday was a day off.  Even though Brent asked if I was going to Douglass' and I said no he says I'll pick you up....I laughed and said I fell for that one already lol.

Then 3 brandings on Sunday, Whew that was another long day, All 3 had not too many cows so that was kinda nice.  And not we have only 2 left, the 30th and the 2nd.  Will be glad to be done and move on with summer, even though I love branding season.  I hope I got everything in, I had written this up Saturday but somehow when I went back to change a picture and it all dissapeared.

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