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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our Branding

We did our branding on Monday.  I went to town in the morning like I usually do to pick up buns and Tim Hortons donuts for desert.  It was already 30* at 10 am I knew it was gonna be a warm one....little did I know how warm.

Came home and we said round up around 3 and so I got my horse ready and just before we left the yard I put in some of the food to warm up in the oven, I didn't really wanna turn on the oven but I had to have a hot meal for the crew.

We headed out to the corrals and complaining its hot and then we looked at the temp and it was 36*  Its not supposed to be that warm this early in June.  Ugh.  But what do you do?  We were all there so we went and got the cows.  I wore my go pro again and the cows were close by (the first bunch) but we had to take them out of the field they were in and wound a big slough and back to were we were going.  I don't know where all the water come from in that slough it hasn't rained hardly any this year.  
After getting them in we sort the cows from the calves and they worked really well this time, its not always that easy.  Then it was beer time.  And water.  I think we used more water than beer, which is weird for a branding.  But it was needed.  

When they went to work I headed back to the house to check on how things were going in there.  It was good, switched out some food in the oven and got buns and pickles cut.  And sat around and visited with Neil's Mom and sister.  I am lucky they come out and help me cook so I can go help gather.  After an hour or so I went back out and they were just finishing up that bunch and so we sat for a few minutes and visited and then the gatherers got on horses and went to get the second bunch.  They were about a mile away and we walked out there and then got them back in.  Just as we got to the corrals a huge wind picked up. it actually felt nice going by the slough the water cooled the air down a lot. 

Got them in and still windy.  The dust it raised was horrible and the cows didn't sort very good this time around either.  Probly cause of the wind.  And then we had trouble keepin the stove lit and so had to move that but finally got everything all organized and they got going.  Michelle was gonna rope off Jess again but she did not like that wind and she was just getting upset so we quit before we had a wreck.  I was kinda sad I wanted to get more roping done off her but it was for the best for everyone.  I got a few pictures of this bunch and then headed back to the house again for getting the rest of the meal done.  It took forever and we mostly just sat around and visited....was way better inside than out in that wind anyways.  

Was a pretty miserable day, going from so hot to super windy and then got cold at the end.  But its done for another year and hopefully that will be the hottest day we ever brand again.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I had to look up the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit. 36 = 96.8. When the equine dentist was here, he said, "Isn't it supposed to get super hot soon?" I said, "110 is the prediction." He said, "That's right. You're usually a few degrees cooler over here." There's something absurd about 110 degrees F being considered cool.

Shirley said...

The best part is always the gather, then the meal at the end! Calves are looking good.